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Join us at the Feast on the Farm!


Join us for our third annual dinner to celebrate the beginning of the growing season in southern Ontario. Previously hosted at the historic Ancaster Mill, this year’s event will be out on the farm, at Pearle Hospitality’s Earth to Table Farm. Gather your friends and family to sample plates of beautifully prepared local cuisine. Through the feast there will be live local music, a silent auction and a chance to interact with local farmers and chefs. Proceeds from this event will support Tastebuds, Hamilton’s Student Nutrition Collaborative and 3Acres, Tastebuds’ Local Harvest Program.

 Please click here for more information!


Tastebuds’ Great Big Crunch!

On March 10, Hamilton schools participated in an exciting, city-wide event called the Great Big Crunch. It was a special day of good food education, including a massive, synchronized bite into a crunchy apple to celebrate local food and healthy eating!

This year, Tastebuds’ Great Big Crunch had 17,394 crunches across the city!

St. Marguerite dYouville 2 

St. Marguerite d’Youville Catholic Elementary School crunched together in the gymnasium. Check out all 550 staff and students holding their apples here.

 Templemead 1 Templemead 4 Templemead 2

650 staff and students at Templemead Elementary School crunched all over the school!

 Canadian Martyrs

At Canadian Martyrs Catholic Elementary School, 200 students bit into juicy crunchy apples throughout their day!

Bennetto 1 Bennetto 3 Bennetto 2 Bennetto 4

At Bennetto 550 students crunched down together!

 Sir Wilfrid

At Sir Wilfrid Laurier School 500 students crunched together in their apple orchard! 

Nora Frances 1 Nora Frances 2 Nora Frances 3

The grade 12 students made the crunch happen for 725 students at Nora Frances Henderson Secondary! And student Colin’s masterpiece commemorated the day for the school – check out his craftsmanship!


200 students at Strathcona crunched apples for the Great Big Crunch – and one lost a tooth in the process! Tooth fairy, get ready!

 Whether Hamilton programs or schools participated in a day’s worth of activities or just one BIG CRUNCH, we hope your students got excited about local food and healthy eating!