3Acres: Tastebuds’ Local Harvest Program brings fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables into Hamilton schools. The initial pilot ran for 12 weeks from September to December, 2013. Student nutrition programs at St. Patrick’s Elementary, St. Lawrence Elementary, St. Ann’s Elementary, Dawn Patrol’s Bridge Program, North Hamilton Community Health Centre, as well as the Norman Pinky Lewis and Larch after school programs had access to fresh locally grown food throughout the fall. Programs received their local food orders weekly delivered by The Hammer Active Alternative Transportation Co-op cyclists, modelling sustainability and active lifestyles.

Fostering a connection between student eaters and local producers provides important opportunities for food education, where children can better understand how their food choices impact their bodies, health and the community.  All these experiences provide the framework that motivate children toward healthier eating habits that last a lifetime. We are proud to support our local farmers and community members who have helped shape 3Acres: Tastebuds’ Local Harvest Program, all 10-62 kilometres from downtown Hamilton. They are ManoRun Organic Farm, Heart’s Content Organic Farmstead, Carluke Orchards, Lincoln Line Orchards, and Round Plains Sweet Potatoes.

The 3Acres pilot program was made possible in part by a grant from the Cloverleaf Family Foundation and by the Hamilton Community Foundation. We’d like to thank St. Matthew’s House for their support and donating space in their facility to serve as a depot. The SPRC has provided organizational guidance and structure to Tastebuds since its inception over 15 years ago.

For more information about 3Acres: Tastebuds’ Local Harvest Program, as well as how you can get involved for the 2014/2015 school year, please contact:

Grace Evans, Community Development Worker, 3Acres
Gevans [at] tastebudshamilton [dot] ca
(905) 522-1148 ext. 315


News about Tastebuds’ Local Harvest Program

Applications for 3Acres 2014/2015

If your program is interested in participating in 3Acres, Tastebuds’ Local Harvest Program, for the 2014/2015 school year, we are now accepting applications!


How the program works:

  • Local food orders due Wednesday for delivery on following Tuesday, between 9 a.m. -2 p.m.
  • Food is delivered in bins on bicycle by THAAT Co-op. Riders will bring delivery to specified location and swap the new bin full of food for the empty bin from last week’s delivery.
  • $50 minimum order required
  • Participating programs must commit to ordering for 75% of the program (16/21 weeks).
  • Local produce comes unwashed


Applications for the 2014/2015 School year due by June 6, 2014.


If your application is successful we will schedule a meeting with the program coordinator, principal and volunteers between June 9-June 30.


Please download the 3Acres Application here.


For any questions, please contact:
Grace Evans, Community Development Worker
Gevans (at) tastebudshamilton (dot) ca
(905) 522-1148 ext. 315

Tastebuds’ Great Big Crunch 2014!


The Great Big Crunch is a special day when students gather together in their classrooms, school gymnasiums and breakfast programs to take a great big bite out of an apple at the same time, making the loudest, biggest CRUNCH ever! As of today, we have 8,586 crunchers registered in Hamilton, so be sure to listen carefully on March 6th for the sound of that crunch.

Local apples from Carluke Orchards will be provided to schools and programs that are supported by Tastebuds free of charge and will be delivered by bicycle by THAAT Co-op on March 3rd and 4th.

Tastebuds programs and schools must register by February 20th to participate in the event. For more information, check out tastebudshamilton.ca/greatbigcrunch.

If you’d like to get involved, consider having your workplace sponsor a bin of apples ($540)  to provide 2000 apples for the Great Big Crunch. Contact Grace Evans at gevans@tastebudshamilton.ca or by calling (905) 522-1148, Ext. 315 to find out more information.

Photo source: Rebekah Roy