4th Annual Hamilton Tiger Cats BeFit launch


By Bhairavi Kumar

January 22, 2013 when environment Canada issued a cold weather alert, Tastebuds was busy preparing for their 4th annual BeFit campaign launch at Regina Mundi, with all that gold décor it felt like a perfect summer day inside the school’s building!

It was a special day at Regina Mundi, the school had lost a very loving educational assistance, Roseanne Scozzari and a grade 3 student Samantha Carvalno to cancer that same year. This was a much needed distraction that was needed and the principal, Mr. Jerry Crapsi left no stone unturned while planning for this event. Dressed in black and gold every child got special snacks (in addition to what they get every day) and tattoo /face paint. The teachers joint the fun as well. Tastebuds provides funds to run an early morning meal at Regina Mundi 5 days a week to all its 210 kids.

The launch was attended by 5 Hamilton Tiger Cat players Dave Stala #88, Peter Dyakowski #67, Luca Congi #7, Ryan Hinds #34 and Raymond Brown #42. They donated $7,500 to Tastebuds. The objective of this program is to educate the youth of Hamilton and the surrounding regions on the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle. The players visit 44 programs around the city in public, catholic and French catholic schools between the launch and end of May. Schools have had a very positive feedback.

The impact of this partnership is immense. The students and teachers love it. I absolutely love it. You can literally see a child having an “aha moment” when they are interacting with the players. Every visit is catered to the schools need. One of the schools we visited had a very bright athlete, who was struggling to prioritize his time between sports and school homework asked the players if he should just focus on sports and not education.  The players were quick to outline the importance of education. “You cannot play professional sports all your life; you need to have a backup plan as well.”

We believe in sprouting healthy relationship with food.