Egg-ucation enroute to Hamilton schools


By Jean-Anne Bauman, Community Development Worker

Have you ever wanted to go to a farm and check it out?   Hamilton schools that serve eggs as part of their Student Nutrition Program will have the farm come to them!


Mr. Weber, retired egg farmer

In partnership with the Egg Farmers of Ontario, the Egg Education Trailer will visit these egg-serving schools.  The trailer is a mobile exhibit that shows how eggs get from farm to table (complete with live hens and an egg sorter).  Participating classes spend about fifteen minutes at the egg trailer to learn about the process and different facts from Mr. Weber, trailer operator and retired egg farmer.

Kids get to see brown chickens laying brown eggs and white chickens laying white eggs and learn other interesting chicken and egg facts – like the nutritional difference between brown and white eggs, and here’s the answer:

Green Acres School and W.H. Ballard School are two places Mr. Weber and the Egg Education Trailer have been to so far.  Younger kids are tickled just seeing the hens and trying to guess the ingredients in the feed.     With older students, Mr. Weber tries to chat about information (and misinformation) that they may see in the media.   This has included hormones and antibiotics in feed (none in Canada) to how farmers’ management helps discourage “chicken bullying”.

Want to “virtually” go to the farm?   Check out the Egg Farmers of Ontario website, loaded with videos and facts on eggs (such as what determines the thickness of an eggshell), hens, farms and farmers, egg nutrition, and more!