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When student nutrition and local food meet, the results are promising


By Grace Evans and Jeff Crump

Have you ever skipped breakfast or lunch during your work day and found yourself unable to concentrate? Or maybe you’ve made a bad food choice and find yourself jittery with caffeine or sugar? Perhaps you’re sluggish in the afternoon after eating a nutrient-deficient lunch or unable to resist the boardroom table proffering pastries and doughnuts.

Now imagine you are a child with a growing body and the demands of school work.

One-third of Canadian children and youth are overweight or obese and the rate of diabetes is on the rise. Whether the cupboards at home are fully stocked or not, children and adults have difficulty making decisions around nutritious meals.

Fortunately there are more than 150 breakfast, snack and lunch programs in Hamilton to help students “sprout healthy relationships with food.” Sadly, there are still 90 schools without the opportunity.

These programs are for all students. Regardless of socioeconomic status, or neighbourhood, or school, Tastebuds-supported breakfast, snack or lunch programs are universally accessible to all students.

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Article source:  The Hamilton Spectator

Egg Farmers of Ontario bring more eggs to Hamilton schools

eggs3      eggs2

Green Acres Elementary School was the place to be on January 10, 2014.  Tastebuds and the Egg Farmers of Ontario announced their recent partnership in the goal to connect students with nutritious food at school.

This new partnership with Egg Farmers of Ontario will fund egg purchases at schools. Scott Graham, Chair of Egg Farmers of Ontario, presented a cheque  of $20,000 to Tastebuds to help do this.

Students at Green Acres Elementary School also had a fun time learning more about egg farming. Egg farmer Scott Graham shared trivia, such as how many eggs a typical hen produces in a year (330) and gave a glimpse into what life on the farm is like.

Students at Green Acres have daily access to nutritious food before or during their first break.  This is largely run by volunteers with financial support from Tastebuds and their partners, which now includes the Egg Farmers of Ontario.   Nutrition programs help compliment items brought from home so students have food they need to fuel learning. Friday was a good day as students at Green Acres Elementary School got to enjoy hard-boiled eggs as part of their nutrition program!

Thanks to Harry Pelissero, General Manager of the Egg Farmers of Ontario, and to Scott Graham, Egg Farmers of Ontario Chair and egg farmer extraordinaire who traveled all the way from St. Mary’s to be at Green Acres. Click here to check out the Graham Egg Farm.

Check out Green Acres in the Stoney Creek News care of Mike Pearson.