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An Earth to Table Feast


Join us for our second annual dinner to celebrate the beginning of the growing season in southern Ontario at the historic Ancaster Mill. Gather your friends and family to sample plates of beautifully prepared local cuisine. Through the feast there will be live local music, a silent auction and a chance to interact with local farmers and chefs. Proceeds from this event will support Tastebuds, Hamilton’s Student Nutrition Collaborative and 3Acres, Tastebuds’ Local Harvest Program.

Thursday, May 28, 2015
5:30 P.M. – 10:00 P.M.

 Ancaster Mill
548 Old Dundas Road

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For more information, please contact Grace Evans at gevans@tastebudshamilton.ca or (905) 522-1148, Ext. 315


Hamilton Breakfast Program invites Calgary Breakfast Club to Grey Cup challenge

St Pats_GreyCupChallenge7

The Breakfast Club at St. Patrick Catholic Elementary in Hamilton ate red Friday morning.

That’s because they invited the Breakfast Club at St. Patrick Catholic School in Calgary to a Grey Cup challenge.

If the Calgary Stampeders won, St. Patrick Hamilton promised to eat red foods likes apples, red peppers and strawberries for breakfast. If the TigerCats won, St. Patrick Calgary accepted the challenge start the day with yellow foods like bananas and apples.

Friday morning the students and staff at St. Patrick Hamilton ate cereal with strawberries with red spoons, raspberry crisp, and strawberry smoothies for breakfast, to celebrate Calgary’s win and hold up their end of the challenge.

See their challenge video here:


Watch their video congratulations message to St. Patrick Calgary:

(The password is Patrick)


Check out their challenge letter here:

Dear Breakfast Club at St. Patrick Catholic School in Calgary, 

Hello! We are the Breakfast Club at St. Patrick Catholic School in Hamilton.

At our Breakfast Club we eat a healthy breakfast to help us learn at school.

We also have lots of fun!

We are very excited that the Hamilton TigerCats are playing in the Grey Cup!

We had a special day at our school. We wore yellow and black and did football activities. We hope you are excited that Calgary is in the Grey Cup too!

We have a friendly challenge for you!

If the Calgary Stampeders win the Grey Cup we will eat red foods like apples, red peppers and strawberries and make a sign that says “Congratulations!”

If the Hamilton TigerCats win the Grey Cup you could have a day with yellow foods like banana and yellow apples.

We hope you accept our friend challenge! Please let us know if you accept.


God Bless,

The Breakfast Club at St. Patrick Catholic School in Hamilton

When student nutrition and local food meet, the results are promising


By Grace Evans and Jeff Crump

Have you ever skipped breakfast or lunch during your work day and found yourself unable to concentrate? Or maybe you’ve made a bad food choice and find yourself jittery with caffeine or sugar? Perhaps you’re sluggish in the afternoon after eating a nutrient-deficient lunch or unable to resist the boardroom table proffering pastries and doughnuts.

Now imagine you are a child with a growing body and the demands of school work.

One-third of Canadian children and youth are overweight or obese and the rate of diabetes is on the rise. Whether the cupboards at home are fully stocked or not, children and adults have difficulty making decisions around nutritious meals.

Fortunately there are more than 150 breakfast, snack and lunch programs in Hamilton to help students “sprout healthy relationships with food.” Sadly, there are still 90 schools without the opportunity.

These programs are for all students. Regardless of socioeconomic status, or neighbourhood, or school, Tastebuds-supported breakfast, snack or lunch programs are universally accessible to all students.

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Article source:  The Hamilton Spectator

Egg-ucation enroute to Hamilton schools


By Jean-Anne Bauman, Community Development Worker

Have you ever wanted to go to a farm and check it out?   Hamilton schools that serve eggs as part of their Student Nutrition Program will have the farm come to them!


Mr. Weber, retired egg farmer

In partnership with the Egg Farmers of Ontario, the Egg Education Trailer will visit these egg-serving schools.  The trailer is a mobile exhibit that shows how eggs get from farm to table (complete with live hens and an egg sorter).  Participating classes spend about fifteen minutes at the egg trailer to learn about the process and different facts from Mr. Weber, trailer operator and retired egg farmer.

Kids get to see brown chickens laying brown eggs and white chickens laying white eggs and learn other interesting chicken and egg facts – like the nutritional difference between brown and white eggs, and here’s the answer:

Green Acres School and W.H. Ballard School are two places Mr. Weber and the Egg Education Trailer have been to so far.  Younger kids are tickled just seeing the hens and trying to guess the ingredients in the feed.     With older students, Mr. Weber tries to chat about information (and misinformation) that they may see in the media.   This has included hormones and antibiotics in feed (none in Canada) to how farmers’ management helps discourage “chicken bullying”.

Want to “virtually” go to the farm?   Check out the Egg Farmers of Ontario website, loaded with videos and facts on eggs (such as what determines the thickness of an eggshell), hens, farms and farmers, egg nutrition, and more!