3Acres: Tastebud’s Local Harvest Program


By Grace Evans

We’re in week six of our local food program, and I’m pleased to announce our new name: 3Acres: Tastebuds’ Local Harvest Program.

The name 3Acres emphasizes the three-way relationship being developed between local farms, student eaters and Tastebuds. Created for us by Kitestring, 3Acres captures how Farm to School programs are built upon the concept that personal connections with food and where it comes from, increases consumption. By connecting student eaters directly with the producers who grow their food, they will want to eat more vegetables and fruits.


I saw it last week at the WAVE afterschool program at the Norman Pinky Lewis Centre, when a student named Cassidy kept coming back to sample more and more kohlrabi. “What’s this called again?” she asked, as I held out the bowl for her. I had been telling students that I thought they’d really like kohlrabi, this really cool vegetable that comes from a nearby farm. I invited them to try it, and tell me what they thought about it. Every student tried it, and all but two nodded their heads. “It’s good,” they told me, many of them coming back for more.

Have you taken a look at kohlrabi before? It’s a green, sputnik-like orb with spiky-stemmed leaves. It’s not necessarily something you’d look at and think, I bet kids go crazy for kohlrabi. But take the time to tell a kid that it grows nearby and ask them for their opinion, and lots of kids were wiling to give a try.

Check out some photos from the program!