Sprouting healthy relationships with food

About The Program

  • Who We Are

    TASTEBUDS is a partnership of community agencies and community members that supports and facilitates local student nutrition programs for children and youth in Hamilton.
  • Who We Serve

    TASTEBUDS volunteers help serve over 23,000 children at over 100 schools in the Hamilton area, every single school day.
  • Get Involved!

    You can help by coordinating or hosting a program; volunteering at a program; providing donations (food, supplies or financial aid) or fundraising.
  • Our Vision

    All children and youth in Hamilton have access to adequate nutrition now and in the future in order to support healthy growth and development, learning and lifelong healthy eating habits.
  • Our Principles

    TASTEBUDS believes communities have a collective responsibility for children; nutrition is a fundamental determinant of healthy child development & good nutrition enhances a child's ability to learn.
  • What We Can Do

    Promote student nutritional programs; make presentations to councils & school staff; connect programs with resources, provide volunteer training, & assist with applications for funding.