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Starting a Nutrition Program

If you are interested in starting a nutrition program in a Hamilton school these resources are for you! Start by connecting with a Tastebuds staff member and follow the steps below. 

Connect with Tastebuds

Start by connecting with Tastebuds and let us know that you are interested in starting a new program. We will help guide you through the process of building a supportive team, completing the application and getting the program running.

Build a Team

It is important to have a strong team of both school staff and community volunteers to support the program. Connect with the school admin to discuss starting a nutrition program and what that could look like for your school. Recruit potential volunteers through school communications, the school council or local community members interested in helping out.

Complete the Application

Once you have an idea of the how the program will be able to run and who will be supporting it complete the application linked below. Completing this application is necessary in order to receive funding from Tastebuds. 

Start Your Program

After your application has been accepted and funds have been deposited you can get started! A Community Development Worker from Tastebuds will be assigned to your program to help everything run smoothly. We also have many resources in our resource hub to help train volunteers and assist you with running a successful nutrition program.

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