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2022 Great Big Crunch

We invite you to participate in the Virtual 2022 Great Big Crunch!

THE GREAT BIG CRUNCH is a national movement and annual moment of anti-silence in which students, teachers, parents and others passionate about healthy food join the food movement and crunch into apples (or another crunchy fruit or vegetable) to make noise for healthy school food! Every year since 2008, Canadians from coast to coast have participated in the Great Big Crunch, an original initiative of FoodShare Toronto. This year the Coalition of Healthy School Food is leading the crunch and the theme is unity and resilience.

How to Participate in Tastebud’s Virtual Crunch:

  1. Pick a day to host your crunch. Choose any day in March or join the Canada-wide crunch on March 10th @ 1:00pm to celebrate healthy school food!

  2. The Coalition of Healthy School Food will be hosting a Zoom crunch – sign up here if you would like to participate in this free online event.

  3. Order your Ontario apples paid for courtesy of FirstOntario Credit Union and the Ontario Produce Marketing Association via Web Tracker (Lococos and MZ Foods only) during the month of March (more details below). - Schools with Tastebud's programs only

  4. Don’t forget to register to be a part of the official crunch count:

  5. Countdown and take a Great Big Crunch into your apple (or other crunchy fruit/vegetable) together!

  6. Record your crunch and share using the following hashtags: #GreatBigCrunch & #TastebudsHamilton. You can also include #HealthySchoolFood & #SchoolFoodProgram and don't forget to tag Tastebuds!

  7. Access additional resources and activities for students at

Can We Crunch in Person? If you would like to organize a crunch within your school or classroom, please first check with your school administration to ensure safety protocols are being followed.

  • The Coalition for Healthy School Food developed a resource on how to safely crunch that can be found here. Please note that your Board/Agency and School policy takes precedence.

If you Cannot Host an In-Person Crunch:

  • School staff/program volunteers and students can participate in our virtual Great Big Crunch, by posting a video or image of themselves crunching an apple (or other crunchy fruit/vegetable) on their social media platform throughout the month of March! We encourage you to challenge/invite your friends, family or colleagues to do so as well. Please remember to use the hashtag #GreatBigCrunch and tag Tastebuds. We will be sharing and promoting your posts on social media platforms.

  • Consider sharing any videos or images of school staff crunching their favourite fruit/vegetable with your students!

  • Schools can share the attached pre-made post (or create your own using the Coalition’s communication guide) to social media platforms, websites, newsletters, etc. to encourage parents and supporters to CRUNCH at home with their households and share pictures/videos via social media.

  • If you have any virtual meetings or events scheduled for March, encourage participants to have their favourite crunchy fruit/vegetable on hand and host your own virtual CRUNCH!

  • Teachers can still use the activities found in the activity toolkit developed by the Coalition for Healthy School Food

  • Virtual classes are also encouraged to participate! Ask your student to have an apple or another crunchy fruit or vegetable ready for your planned day. Make sure everyone’s mics are unmuted so you can hear the big CRUNCH.

Payment for Apples from Lococo’s and MZ Foods - Schools with Tastebuds Programs Only

Tastebuds will be paying for all apples purchased from Lococo’s and MZ Foods through Web Tracker on the following dates:

  • Orders placed between February 28th and March 2nd – delivered the week of March 7th

  • Orders placed between March 7th and 9th – delivered the week of March 21st

  • Orders placed between March 21st and 23rd – delivered the week of March 28th

Free apples will be listed on web tracker as A. HAMILTON ONLY: Apples for the Great Big Crunch Sponsored by FirstOntario and Tastebuds / No Charge to the Program

Apples need to be washed before serving. Order minimums of $100 still need to be met.*Please note that schools can order these apples for all 3 of the weeks noted above and Tastebuds will cover the cost all three orders.

Happy Crunching!!

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